Digital use still varies meaningfully around the world.

Consider the accessibility and inclusiveness of the internet,

by examining the internet speed performance.

Time to transfer 100MB

How long it takes to transfer 100MB, in the ten countries with the fastest and slowest internet and the overall global performance.

100MB is roughly equivalent to 100-250 photos or approximately 25 songs.

United Arab Emirates 4s Qatar 4s Norway 5s Kuwait 5s Denmark 6s Macau (SAR) 6s South Korea 6s China 7s Netherlands 7s Sweden 8s Global 10s Cameroon 1m 17s Somalia 1m 22s Tajikistan 1m 24s Bolivia 1m 37s Venezuela 1m 41s Haiti 1m 46s Yemen 2m 1s Cuba 3m 3s Afghanistan 3m 6s Sudan 10m 55s100 MB

Source: Speedtest Global Index - calculations are based on median country speeds from May 2023.